Helping others experience the joy of creating from the heart.
I'm a professional graphic designer, specializing in brand development, with over 25 years of experience. I graduated from OCAD in 1996. I was the Creative Director and Director of Brand Development at Revera Inc for 14 years, leading national advertising and design campaigns in print, radio, TV, signage, fleet graphics and online. I have taught art and design for 9 years, and throughout my career I have freelanced, including gift card production for clients such as Canadian Tire, McDonalds, Roots, Air Canada, Cineplex and more. In the past several years, I had the honour to connect with an amazing arts community in Oakville; teaching people of all ages, stages and abilities was an incredible experience. I continue to offer high standard graphics and branding services and I am a Professor of Graphic Arts at Mohawk College and the Toronto Film School. 
"Jenny, your teaching style is invitational, open ended, and co creative. The atmosphere you create is both open and encouraging. You work to have the student identify their own goals, strengths, and areas of improvement. Thank you for all your coaching." — B. P.
"Jenny has facilitated a watercolour printmaking class I have taken for two years. I have learned many things technical: aspects of the press and paper and paint…. and artistic principals/elements. She is clearly knowledgable, which has allowed me to become a more confident artist.
Along with knowledge, Jenny’s skills as a facilitator are remarkable. In her classes she opens doors with clear initial direction and then with her particular quality of encouragement she launches us into self expression in a way that removes inhibiting anxiety. She will suggest options and supplemental mediums and she gives lots of individual time; she tells us what she sees. Occasionally she will stay our hands if we are moving towards overworking something. That has been helpful. 
Jenny’s technical skills, her individual coaching are truly wonderful…so not surprisingly she fosters community in the classroom. We have become close knit, and now we support each other in the same way that she does." — S.H.
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