Graphic Design, Creative Direction
Portfolio & Design Career Coaching
Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Public Speaking
Gallery/Studio Management, Curating, Jurying 
Illustration, Painting, Printmaking, Collage
I graduated from Ontario College of Art & Design, then worked my way up to Creative Director at Revera Inc, where I led a dynamic in-house advertising and design team. One of my major achievements was directing the re-branding of the company and its 250 locations across Canada.
A highlight of my freelance career has been working with Allcard Ltd., developing gift cards for clients such as Canadian Tire, Roots, Air Canada, Cineplex and more. 
I've had the honour of contributing to the arts community as Executive Director of Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre; managing exhibitions, programs, charitable activities, and daily operations. The most rewarding experience was teaching artists with special needs every week.
Since 2020 I've been teaching graphic design at Mohawk College and the Toronto Film School. I use a variety of teaching methods to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. As a professor I emphasize skills development, strategic thinking, and I motivate students to use art to help themselves and others grow.
"Jenny, your approach is invitational and co creative. The atmosphere you create is both open and encouraging. You work to have the student identify their own goals, strengths, and areas of improvement. Thank you for all your coaching." — B. P.
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